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Infiltrare - sisteme de infiltrare - Biocalith

ENREGIS/Biocalith MR-F1

In many places, the infiltration of more or less polluted water into the soil and thus to the ground water has to be done through a vegetated swale. Normally, the vegetated ditch is defined as an over ground, ca. 30 cm thick, overgrown filtering body. During passing through of this layer, when contact time is sufficient, the water will be cleaned and filtered. Harmful substances remain in the soil, where they will be biologically degraded or held back. Unfortunately this kind of water treatment requires a trough/contact area, which is large enough for the respected omega replica watches
quantity of precipitations.

Furthermore, insufficiently secured vegetated ditch systems bear a  risk for playing children. The certified ENREGIS/System offers a solution for these problems. The ENREGIS/Biocalith MR-F1 material has been used for almost two decades in the treatment and cleaning of water in different fields such as sewage treatment. The high permeability of the material ensures an optimal streaming hydraulics. The large inner surface of ENREGIS/Biocalith MR-F1 leads to an optimal exchange of chemical substances such as iron in the progress of phosphate bonding; regulation of the ph-value and enables the setting of different micro-organisms for the degradation of water and sewage ingredients such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. The contained micro and middle pores play a considerable role. The reduction of inorganic and organic pollutants should takes place ideally in separated treatment stages. The organic elimination takes place in an upstream ENREGIS/ESAF heavy metal adsorption filter shaft. The organic treatment takes place in a hollow infiltration ditch. The substrate will be filled with a thickness of approx. 20 cm, free of compression into the ditch. The treatment process which than follows take form of bionic and abiotic sorption, precipitation and complexation with contribution of dissolved oxygen, certain ingredients within the substrate and bacteria. Constant conditions create the corresponding environment for the process and “microbial helpers”. In general is the reduction a regenerative decomposition process. The substrate is able to break down permanently the organic pollutants. A replacement of the ENREGIS/Biocalith MR-F1 material is fundamentally not necessary, under consideration of conditions needed to be fulfilled (e.g. oxygen supply). The introducing in an underground infiltration system makes it to an excellent and durable alternative to the vegetated ditch.

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