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Infiltrare - sisteme de infiltrare - Controlbox

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On the section of rainwater retention and infiltration system great progress has been made in the last years.

The team of ENREGIS works incessantly on the transfer of the gained knowledge. The ENREGIS/System-Controlbox has been developed especially for the use in large-scale dimensioned applications. In order to make a thorough inspection possible, the system provides a 500 mm inspection and cleaning channel. This feature and the nearly cubic construction form predestine it for applications as line-drainage. Furthermore, installation efforts are minimized by the huge storage capacity and easy handling. The assembling of the ENREGIS/Controlbox M/L can easily be done by one person, also in bigger quantities.

Additionally, the ENREGIS/System-Controlbox features as program of well structured accessories which are adapted to respective purposes of the particular application leads to a further reduction of costs in material and enables the planner to design up date infiltration and retention systems.

This leads to a very high quality standard. In combination with an excellent designed static, it ensures meeting highest demands. This is certifi ed by the German TÜV-Nord that examined the ENREGIS/Controlbox in complex test procedures.

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