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Infiltrare - sisteme de infiltrare - Permavoid /Permafilter

With its load capacity of more than 700 KN/ qm the ENREGIS/Permavoid soaking and retention element is one of the most powerfull systems of its kind (BS EN124:1994 controled). Thus ensures a multi-purpose usage and predestines the system for applications in diffi cult situations.

With a minimal covarage depth of only 15 cm and a load capacity of SLW60 this system can be used as a drainage in multi-storey garages or huge parking areas, without the need of expensive excavation. Even in areas where the groundwater is found in low depths the usage of such a special system is necessary. On the one hand it ensures a truck-accessibility with minimal earth coverage, on the other hand an ENREGIS/Permavoid built system has a huge
base area because of its minimal height. The extreme load capacity of the system makes the usage in high depts possible. This is especially interisting in areas where the ground is only in deeper layers permeable to water. In those situations the ENREGIS/ Permavoid is able to withstand pressures up to depths of 5 meters and below to make an infi ltration possible.

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