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Infiltrare - sisteme de infiltrare - Vivo Channel

The cleaning and treatment of contaminated rain water with organic and inorganic pollution presents an increasingly higher challenge. Especially the treatment of rain water of high frequented circulation areas by the trough trench, encounter more and more problems even in the planning stage, with regard to the surfaces needed for the troughs.

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The often qualitative insufficient installed trough systems lead to the fact that alternatives to the troughs will be unavoidable. In addition to the very successful concept of the underground ENREGIS/vegetated swale, there was a growing demand to consider above ground alternatives.

This is the field of application of the ENREGIS/Vivo Channel. The system presents the first fully adequate, with a multistage substrate technology equipped and at the same time inspectable and cleanable rain water treatment system in the form of a liner drainage, as an alternative to the troughs.

Runnoff water of high frequented parkingand traffic areas (like P+R surfaces, shopping center, industrial areas, main- and secondary roads, highways and airports) is cleaned and directly infiltrated underneath the channel or discharged into soaking- and retention-systems or a preflooding area.

As in the successful system of the underground ENREGIS/Biofiltration, the certified ENREGIS/Biocalith substrate technology is also used in this system. The ENREGIS/Biocalith K, which is honored with the innovation price, guarantees as well as the advanced ENREGIS/MR-F 1 substrate, that the organic and inorganic polluting loads are degradated savely or hold back unsovable in the substrate. Also in terms of stability and handling the system ENREGIS/Vivo Channel sets new standards in the rain water treatment technology. The rain water treatment system is based on a proven channel body of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK), which withstand sustainably and safely even higher loading capacity. Not only extremely robust, resistant, capillary free, resist to chemicals and very light, easy to carry and to install, but also guarantees a long lasting durability. The practical and easy to use channel locking system, an affixed 4 mm thick edge protection, as well as the sturdy 4 point self locking system qualifies the system to take the substrate process engineering.

The system ENREGIS/Vivo Channel is absolutely suitable for the installation in road constructions. Due to the high loading charging class E 600 in accordance to DIN EN 1433, this rain water treatment system could be installed also in heavy loaded circulation areas. Rain water treatment based on a multistage and certified high performance ENREGIS substrate-technology

  • Enables the direct infi ltration underneath the channel or the direct discharge into an infi ltration-system or a prefl ooding area
  • Composed of heavy duty material SMC
  • Heavy metal adsorption > 99 %* (like Pb, Cu,Ni, Zn, Sn, Cr, Cd)
  • Resistant for re-solutions by using de-icing salt > 99,99 %*
  • Lifetime> 25 years*
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