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Infiltrare - sisteme de infiltrare - X-box

The consequent way in the development of high performance, functionally well engineered underground infiltration and retention systems, goes on with the new ENREGIS/X-Box.

Replica Watches The ENREGIS/X-Box system sets new standards and has an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. Alone or in combination with the successful ENREGIS/Controlbox range, numerous variants of this system can be customized in terms of size, geometry and functionality. A unique feature is that the cavity elements can be made with standard heights of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm and at the customer’s option in height gradations of 5 cm. Due to his extremely capacity (165 columns/m² contact areas) it is suitable for use as a volume store both a greater depths and near the surface in largearea infiltration. This gives the person responsible for the planning the maximum degree of design flexibility, making this system ideally suited for use with high groundwater tables. Load-optimized coverings and cost savings due to the reduction in the amount of excavation required make this system even more economical. Whether you use it as a rainwater infiltration system, a film-coated rainwater retention plant or as a storage container, the ENREGIS/ X-Box offers high functionality and extremely high load capacity at comparatively low investment costs. And this applies especially in comparison with other, classic systems (pipe/gravel).

Further futures of the ENREGIS/system: system - optimized connection accessories (horizontal/vertical), extremely durable hollow bodies of Polypropylene (PP), free storage capacity (cavity share ca. 95%), three-dimensional flow, pipe connections from DN 100 to DN 500 on every side available for all standard pipe materials. ENREGIS/X-Box 100% compatible with the ENREGIS/Controlbox programme, can be connected, extended or combined on all sides. In combination with the ENREGIS/System Controlbox, results a continuous inspection channel > DN 500, suitable for the use of camera/flushing dollies for pipes from DN 100 upward. All inflows, outflows and transition points have been optimized for use with such systems. The inspection channel provides a perfect access to the most important lateral/contact surface and/or the geotextile areas.

  • Extremely high stability
  • Flexible in its range of applications, height degradation in 5 cm steps
  • Optionally available with distribution/inspection and fl ushing channel DN 160 or DN 500 mm
  • 100% compatible with the ENREGIS/system Controlbox®

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